The construction of the Motte and Bailey castle is the result of a collaboration between the town, passionate, historians, archaeologists and an urbanist: Jack Guittot. Launched thirty years ago, the aim of this grand project was to give the town and its inhabitants a site of historical value.

After six years of hard labour the work on the Motte and Bailey castle and the “parc de la Haie Joulain”, today known as “parc André Delibes”, was finished.

The castle is the reconstitution of a defensive fortification of the 11th and 12th centuries. Today, wooden castles have disappeared and knowledge about this period is sparse. The original motte de la Haie Joulain, that probably existed between the 10th and 12th centuries, is still visible only 500m away from the restitution.


June 23rd : The mayor at the time:  André Delibes, decides to buy the Bois de la Salle to create a park and erect this Motte and Bailey castle.

Caroline Buffet, a medieval archaeologist and Jean-Philippe Bouvet are tasked with the study of this restitution project.


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July: Work begins on the castle with the creation of the motte and the excavation of the ditch.



December: The concrete infrastructure needed to hold the keep is installed and is then hidden inside


The wooden frame of the keep is chopped and preparations are made for the “voligeage”, the “bardage” and the wooden floor.

May: The frame of the keep is raised atop the motte

December: Construction of the fences.


September: first guided tour of the castle still under construction.


June: End of the restitution of the Motte and Bailey castle.

July: First visitors are welcomed.

from 1993 to nowadays

1994: The first “médiévales de la Haie Joulain”, a renaissance fair themed on the middle age, is a popular success.

Shows, events and visits are then entrusted to associations:

  • 1993 to 2000: Association départementale d’intervention archéologique (ADIA)
  • 2000 to 2003: Association Virges Armes
  • 2004: Association des amis du château à motte de la Haie Joulain
  • 2009 to 2016: Association la “Maisnie Joulain”

2016: Creation of a reception and information building. The town decides to open the site to tourism and guided tours are organized during week-ends and holydays.